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Contrary to my belief at school that grammar is boring, it is in fact fascinating when you get into it!

Even if you don't believe me about how intriguing it is you will probably agree that if you want to conquer this language you need it!

The bottom line is that a comprehensive base in grammar is your firm foundation for confident French conversation.
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the knowledge 
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Just like navigating a library, browse through these varied and interesting study resources, and learn by selecting Tutos* that pique your interest and help you advance at your own pace.

*Tuto = short French tutorial

With each Tuto you complete move closer to your goal.

Learn French Grammar Library 

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Meet your french Tutor

Ellie Louis

At The French Room, Ellie understands the journey of learning French as an adult because she has walked this path herself. She knows first-hand what it's like to feel lost in a sea of unfamiliar words and phrases, and she understands the frustrations and challenges that come with learning a new language later in life.

But Ellie didn't just learn French—she mastered it. And now, she's created The French Room as the perfect environment for you to do the same.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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