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👩‍🎓 Bonjour Brilliance: Ellie's Daily French Study

The confidence gaining French course

What you will be doing

On this Self-Paced French Language Course you  learn at your own pace with guidance. Gain confidence and motivation through your regular contact with your tutor Ellie. Study the things that you enjoy and put focus where you need it most to progress.

How do you gain confidence?

✔️ By being guided in your study by Ellie
✔️ By being prompted to make your French study a healthy habit
✔️ By learning the stuff that will make the biggest difference to your speaking skills

How does it work?
From the moment you sign up for your Bonjour Brilliance trial you get access to a tried and tested  learning approach that will grow your confidence in speaking French. It includes:

👩‍🎓 Current and regular email guidance from Ellie
👨‍💻 Self-paced access to Ellie's latest tutorials 
👨‍💻 Full access to a library of 284+ French tutorials for every French skill at every learning level

🏆 100% ad free and fully tried and tested with five star feedback.

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£19.99  £9.99 per month. 

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✔️ Automatic access to the full Learning Library

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Bonjour Brilliance -
Ellie's Daily French Study

Course Materials from January 2024 to Today

Why it works

It's because there is so much flexibility and support in one place

Some of the cool features

1. Loads of support and encouragement

👩‍🎓 Meet Ellie on Zoom: 
The French Room founder and your dedicated French tutor for a new student consultation. Ellie, is here to provide personalised support throughout your learning journey

.📩 Email Guidance: 
Choose to receive regular email study suggestions, tips and guidance from Ellie to keep you motivated and your study relevant. 

💁‍♀️ Assistance and advice: 
Have a question or need clarification? Simply reach out to the community or Ellie with the in-course messenger. Ellie is committed to helping you overcome any challenges and ensuring you stay motivated and on track.

📜 Tailored Feedback: 
Receive detailed feedback on your assignments and progress, tailored to your specific needs and learning style.

2. You can learn at your own pace

🗓️ On-Demand Resources: 
Specifically designed to be flexible. Access lessons and materials whenever and wherever it suits you, whether that’s during your lunch break, on your commute, or in the comfort of your home.

🏛️ Structured Modules: 
 Helpfully divided into structured modules that guide you step-by-step through the learning process. Each module builds on the previous one, ensuring a solid foundation in all aspects of the French language.

3. Always know how you are doing

📈 Progress Tracking:
 Keep track of your progress with our built-in tracking tools. See how far you’ve come and identify areas for improvement.

🏆 Milestone Achievements:  
Celebrate your successes with milestone certificates that mark your progress and keep you motivated.

All this adds up to the French fluency and confidence you are looking for.

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