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Seize the opportunity! Pick it up and put it down. Do a brainbox binge or keep your study steady eddy, one 15 min Tuto at a time!

Explore the world of French language learning with our Learn French Self-Study Programme – now available for an entirely FREE test run!

Dive into levels 1 to 6 at your own pace and experience a sneak peek of what our comprehensive program has to offer.
Delve into our mini example course, providing a glimpse into Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Listening, and Reading – all presented in convenient 15-minute tutorials.
No strings attached! This is your chance to sample the content, and the full free trial of the complete programme awaits you in the next step. Whether you prefer binge-learning or a steady 15-minute Tuto at a time, our programme adapts to your style.

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Learn French Self-Study Programme - Free Version

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Meet the instructor

Ellie Louis

Salut - I'm Ellie your French tutor. I record new Tutos every week and highlight what I recommend that you study week by week. So the library of Tutos you have on this course is growing all the time!

I have lived a French / English life for the last 30 years and been teaching French to adults since 2010. I set up The French Room in 2015.

If you would like to come to one of my live classes or need help with your French learning programme, please set up a 15 minute consultation with me and we can discuss the best way for you to learn.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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