Mastering 3 Past French Tenses - L'imparfait, Le Passé Composé et Le Plus-que-Parfait

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  • Author
    Ellie Louis
  • Level
    Intermediate - Advanced
  • Study time
    15 hours
  • Certificate
    On completion 
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What's included?

  • 10 Tuto Explanations
  • 3 Articles
  • 5 Drills and Exercises
  • 3  Listening Exercises
  • 1 Certification

Why master these tenses?

Knowing all 3 of tenses and being comfortable switching between them will make you a more fluent speaker.

Practice. Practice. Practice!

You will be getting your head around how these tenses are used in French rather than trying to map them back to English. The principles behind them are straight forward. It's the practical application that this course gives that you need for great conversational use.
Meet the instructor

Ellie Louis

Ellie records new tutos on a daily basis based on the CLE progressive books and a variety of other sources. This library is growing all the time!
Ellie has had a French / English life for the last 30 years and been teaching French to adults since 2010.
She is the owner of The French Room and designs all the courses, teaches all live classes and records all the tutos. 
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