Building Confidence in Speaking French: Tips and Techniques

Ellie Louis
Actually speaking French as opposed to just studying French is what people come to The French Room for. And this is the most challenging yet rewarding experience you can have in a second language.

But how do you overcome the fear of it and start being confident, whatever your level?

In this blog, I will explore three key aspects to help you boost your French speaking confidence: getting into the right state of mind, being confident in your base, and embracing mistakes with laughter. Let's dive in and discover effective strategies to enhance your French speaking skills and express yourself with confidence and fluency.

Getting into the Right State of Mind

Before diving into the technical aspects of speaking French, it's essential to cultivate a positive and confident mindset. Here are some tips to help you get into the right state of mind

Embrace a Growth Mindset: Understand that learning a language takes time and effort.

Embrace the process of learning and view mistakes as stepping stones to improvement rather than failures.

Set Realistic Goals: Break down your language learning journey into smaller, achievable goals.

Celebrate your progress along the way to boost your confidence.

Visualize Success: Imagine yourself confidently speaking French in various situations. Visualization can help you build confidence and alleviate anxiety.

Practice Mindfulness: Before engaging in a French conversation, take a moment to calm your mind and focus on the present. Deep breathing exercises or meditation can help reduce anxiety and increase your concentration.

Being Confident of Your Base

A strong foundation is crucial for speaking any language with confidence. Here are some techniques to ensure you are confident in your French language skills:

Grammar and Vocabulary: Putting the hard graft into solidifying your understanding of French grammar rules and expanding your vocabulary is great for giving you the confidence to create your own phrases. A word of caution though, you could spend your whole life "perfecting" your grammar and never utter a word. Learning a bit thoroughly and then using it to speak will build your confidence and make it all feel more familiar. Don't underestimate the power of familiarity to break down fear.

Listening and Speaking Practice: Engage in regular listening exercises, such as podcasts, audiobooks, or watching French movies and TV shows. Set yourself a realistic target. "I'll be glad if I understand 5% of this" or something else that fits your level. Don't avoid it if you find it hard!

Additionally, find opportunities to speak!  Come to our live classes, go to France, speak to yourself, record yourself. Anything to get used to the sound of your own voice in French.

Pronunciation Practice: Pay attention to French phonetics and practice pronouncing words correctly. Mimic native speakers, use pronunciation guides, or consider taking a look at our pronunciation tutos for guidance.

Build up your base so that you are starting from a firm foundation! 

Laughing at Mistakes

Mistakes are an inevitable part of the language learning journey. Embracing them with a sense of humor can significantly boost your confidence. Here's how:

Shift Your Perspective: Rather than dwelling on mistakes, view them as opportunities for growth and learning.

Remember that even native speakers make errors.

Create a Supportive Environment: Surround yourself with fellow French learners or language enthusiasts who understand the challenges of language acquisition. You can come join our French Room community for example!

Share your funny or embarrassing language blunders, and learn from each other's experiences.

Learn from Mistakes: Analyse your mistakes and understand why they happened. Take note of common errors and actively work on improving them. Progress is made by learning from and correcting mistakes

.Celebrate Progress: Acknowledge your achievements along the way, no matter how small. Each step forward is a testament to your dedication and progress.


Building confidence in speaking French is a gradual process that requires a positive mindset, strong language foundation, and a willingness to embrace mistakes.

By getting into the right state of mind, being confident in your base, and laughing at mistakes, you can significantly enhance your French speaking skills.

Remember, practice and persistence are key. Keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and with time, you will gain the confidence and fluency you desire. Bonne chance! 
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