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Bonjour Brilliance - Self=Paced French Course

What are the features of Bonjour Brilliance with free library?

Course Features

  • Self-paced online course designed for adult learners of French

  • Covers all levels from beginner to fluency

  • Interactive elements like quizzes, exercises, multimedia resources

  • Themes such as French films, listening skills, vocabulary strategies

  • Personalised support and guidance from an expert tutor

  • Flexible learning to fit busy lifestyles

Free Library Included

  • Comprehensive library with 5 sections: grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, and reading

  • Supplements the course material to aid learning

  • Completely free with any "Bonjour Brilliance" subscription

  • The free library is packed with supplementary resources across multiple skill areas and is a key value addition with the "Bonjour Brilliance" course, providing learners with a comprehensive and engaging learning experience tailored for adult French students.

Other Highlights

  • Fun and stress-free learning approach

  • Option for a 14-day free trial to test the course

  • Monthly or yearly subscription pricing plans

  • Aims to reignite passion for learning French

  • Testimonials from satisfied students praising the effective teaching methods

What is the cost of Bonjour Brilliance with free library?

Cost of Bonjour Brilliance Course

  • Monthly Subscription: £19.99 per month

  • Annual Subscription: £199 per year (saves £39.88 compared to monthly)

The subscription gives you access to the full "Bonjour Brilliance" self-paced online course from beginner to fluency levels.

Free Library Included

The subscription also includes a comprehensive free library with 5 sections covering:

  1. Grammar

  2. Vocabulary

  3. Listening

  4. Pronunciation

  5. Reading

This free library is packed with additional resources like videos, audio files, and worksheets to supplement the main course material.

Free Trial offers a 14-day free trial of "Bonjour Brilliance" where you can access the full course and free library before deciding to purchase a subscription.

So in summary, the "Bonjour Brilliance" online French course costs £19.99 per month or £199 per year, and comes bundled with a free extensive library of French learning resources across multiple skill areas, with a 14-day free trial available to test it out first.

What types of resources are included in the free library of Bonjour Brilliance?

The free library included with Bonjour Brilliance online French course covers 5 comprehensive sections with various types of resources:

French Grammar
Videos and tutorials covering French grammar concepts and rules
French Vocabulary
Videos, tutorials and exercises to build vocabulary
Audio files, dialogues, and listening comprehension activities
Audio recordings, pronunciation guides, and practice exercises
Reading passages, comprehension questions, and related activitiesThis extensive free library covers all aspects of French language learning from beginner to fluency levels and is automatically included and completely free with any "Bonjour Brilliance" subscription, including the 14-day free trial.

The free library acts as a supplementary resource hub, providing additional materials like videos, audio files, worksheets, and interactive exercises across these key skill areas of grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, and reading comprehension. These resources are designed to reinforce and complement the main course lessons.

So in essence, the free library offers a diverse range of multimedia resources spanning videos, audio, worksheets, and interactive activities to aid learners in building a strong foundation in the core French skills through additional practice and engagement beyond just the course content.

How can I access the free library of Bonjour Brilliance?

You can access the free library of resources included with the "Bonjour Brilliance" online French course from in the following ways:

  1. Sign up for the 14-day free trial of "Bonjour Brilliance". During this trial period, you get automatic and complete access to the full free library covering grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, and reading resources.

  2. Subscribe to the "Bonjour Brilliance" course. The free library is automatically included and accessible with any paid subscription, whether monthly (£19.99/month) or annually (£199/year).

The free library acts as a comprehensive supplementary resource hub with 5 sections containing videos, audio files, worksheets, and interactive activities across key French skill areas. It is designed to complement and reinforce the main course lessons.

Some key points about accessing the free library:

  • No separate purchase is required - it comes bundled with any "Bonjour Brilliance" subscription or free trial.

  • You get full access to the entire library from the start of your trial or paid subscription.

  • The resources cover French from beginner to fluency levels.

  • The library allows you to practice and dive deeper into specific areas like grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, and reading comprehension.

So in summary, simply sign up for the 14-day free trial or purchase a "Bonjour Brilliance" subscription from to gain immediate access to the extensive free library of French learning resources across multiple skill areas

How can I cancel my subscription to Bonjour Brilliance?

1. Log into your French Room account 

2. On this page, you will find a Cancel Subscription button.

3. When clicked, a pop-up message will appear for confirmation.

4. If you proceed, then the Your Account page will display a button for the optional reactivation of the same subscription plan or the option to choose another one by clicking on the Change button (if available).


  • When you cancel your subscription, this results in automatic un-enrollment from the courses included in the subscription plan in the next billing cycle. Until then, the subscription is scheduled for cancellation, as you have paid for that billing cycle.
  • If you cancel your subscription plan, days or months before the renewal date, the re-activation button will be shown until the renewal date will pass. So, you will not be able to re-activate it later via the Account page. In this case you will need to go ahead and purchase it as new.
  • If you cancel your subscription plan, while in a trial period, you will continue to have access to the plan until the expiration of the trial period. 

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Why do I need to sign in when using The French Room site?

When you come into The French Room I need to recognise you to give you a tailored experience whilst you are in the room. This means that you can see the courses and subscriptions that you are signed up for and also your progress on each one. 

You can also see community posts and special offers that are available only to subscribed members of The French Room.

What's the best way to sign into The French Room?

When you first set up your account you will have chosen to do this either by using your email address and a password, one of your social media logins such as Facebook or your Google login. 

Each time you sign in after your initial account set up you will need to use the same method you originally chose. 

If you are using a desktop or laptop please accept the save password option. If you are using your phone this should happen automatically and your sign in might be by facial recognition.

Please note to choose sign in rather than sign up. 

How do I get help using The French Room?

The best way to get help is to click on the Aidez-Moi button at the bottom right of every page. 

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