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How do I sign into The French Room?

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How do I enrol on a course? 

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How do I book live classes?

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How do I find my French study tasks?

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How do I take part in community chat?

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Why do I need to sign in when using The French Room site?

When you come into The French Room I need to recognise you to give you a tailored experience whilst you are in the room. This means that you can see the courses and subscriptions that you are signed up for and also your progress on each one. 

You can also see community posts and special offers that are available only to subscribed members of The French Room.

What's the best way to sign into The French Room?

When you first set up your account you will have chosen to do this either by using your email address and a password, one of your social media logins such as Facebook or your Google login. 

Each time you sign in after your initial account set up you will need to use the same method you originally chose. 

If you are using a desktop or laptop please accept the save password option. If you are using your phone this should happen automatically and your sign in might be by facial recognition.

Please note to choose sign in rather than sign up. 

How do I get help using The French Room?

The best way to get help is to click on the contactez-nous button at the bottom right of every page. 

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