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Podcast interviews with people learning at The French Room.

Great conversations about experiences living in, working in or just visiting France. Exploring why we love learning this language so much and what we learn about ourselves along the way.

Talking about our French experiences.

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For everyone who loves learning French.

Episode 1 - Lisa talks about living and working in Lyon

I love Lisa's "all in" attitude. Sometimes all you need is a bit of bravado and Lisa has it in bucket loads!

Episode 2 - Gemma sold up and moved to France to open her Gîte

It takes some guts to up sticks with a young family and move to another country. This is a great story of feel the fear and do it anyway!

Episode 3 - How did Thibault come to own 20,000 books! (This podcast is in French)

A fascinating story of a love of books and wine. https://www.thewinestoryclub.com/

Episode 4 - A conversation with Steve about the connections between music and learning French

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, no matter their age.

More Episodes

For everyone who loves learning French.

Episode 5 - David talks about cycling across France (This episode is in French)

David est un grand passionné du vélo et a arpenté les routes à travers la France. Son dernier tour il a fait 1200kms en 8 jours! Il a des conseils pour qu'on puisse faire pareil!

Episode 6 - Nadja talks about the rollercoaster ride of learning French

Hear a candid analysis of what it feels like to use a your French when living in France.

Episode 7 - Justine talks about what she finds most evocative about the UK (This podcast is in French)

A fascinating insight into how the UK is viewed from a French perspective. Harry Potter and Love Actually have a lot to answer for!

Episode 8 - Could this be you? Please get in contact if you would like to share your experiences of learning French.

Our learners can benefit from learning from your experiences.

Let’s make progress together

I believe I have improved my grasp of the French language thanks to Ellie. Also, I find myself adding more access to French media, books, people thanks to the self assurance garnered in these classes. If you want to learn French, in every way, I encourage you to go the the French Room.
Rita Lugrine
Ellie is an excellent affirming teacher. My husband and I have never felt discouraged. Our lessons in a group setting, now on zoom, are enjoyable. Now when we go to France people reply to us in French!
Joanna Pratt
Learning French has been one of my big ambitions for such a long time. I have tried many different routes but for the first time feel that I am making real progress.
Seamusog Gallagher
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