How to learn at The French Room

Sep 8 / Ellie Louis

A How to Guide to Learning at The French Room


There are 3 types of courses at The French Room:

- Learn French Courses

- Starting and Becoming Courses
- Mastering Courses

All French Room courses can be studied by yourself at your own pace or in conjunction with live classes.

Either way you are guided, motivated and monitored through your learning by me, Ellie Louis, the owner of The French Room.

How do the 3 course types differ?

Each course has a different purpose so you can mix and match and take as many as you like at any one time. You can also combine them with live classes or simply study the course in your own time and at your own pace.

Learn French Courses - are tutorial based (tutos) learning. The best way to buy these is through a monthly subscription. These are a great way to advance your learning in a very balanced and purposeful way. As a subscriber you receive guidance from me to take  you through my learning material and understand how your hard work and investment will pay back results when taking part in French conversation. Fresh learning material is being added to these courses all the time.

Starting and Becoming Courses - are fuller, longer courses with a beginning and a stated end goal to help you become a better French speaker. You can choose from Starting French Conversations, Becoming a more Confident Speaker and Becoming a Raconteur. These courses run over several months and up to 1 year and take you through a learning process specifically designed to improve your confidence and competence in French conversation. You can join at any time and on completion will receive a certificate.

Mastering Courses - are highly targeted on a specific aspect of French to give you a very focused learning experience on a particular subject. For example, mastering a particular French tense. You can join at any time and on completion will receive a certificate.


I highly recommend the subscription service as a comprehensive way to learn French as a life-long learner. A subscription gives you access to a very balanced way of learning and guidance from me to give your learning purpose and keep you motivated.

You gain access to four Learn French courses that cover all the nuts and bolts of French that you need to be sturdy and confident on your feet in a French conversation.  You also receive regular motivational and directional guidance on what to study and why. The aim is for you to do at least 15 minutes practice a day, because we all know that works for any skill!

You also receive extra real French articles, audio and videos that will help you better connect with and understand the French joie de vivre!

You can subscribe monthly, quarterly or annually and pause or cancel at any time.

Live Classes on Zoom

The French Room has a bookable schedule of group and private live classes on zoom. You can take live classes on their own or combine them with our online courses. The online courses are specifically designed to complement your live classes and you will find that both have a consistent style and approach. 

You can pay-as-go for live classes or buy a class pass of either 10 or 30 classes to be used flexibly across a 12 month period. 

You can join a live class at any point in the year and attend as often as you choose.

Your live class bookings are all managed by you online through our Bookwhen customer portal.

Homework and self-study

You will always progress faster if you prepare for your live classes. Your homework is based around the same material that you will learn from in the Learn French Courses. I recommend doing your out of class preparation using these courses as it will considerably improve your consolidation of each learning point and skill. 

You can, of course, also learn completely through self-study and gain a considerable understanding of the French language. This, however, does mean that you will miss out on practical application of the theory.

Rewards and certificates

We all like to see our progress monitored, measured and rewarded in some way. There are 3 ways that this happens when you study with The French Room:

- Personal progress reviews
- Badges 
- Certificates

Personal progress reviews - When you follow any online course at you can see your progress by ticks against all the learning activities you have visited. You are free to move through a course in any way you choose so you don’t have to complete activities in sequential order. 

You can also see your percentage completion of any course at any time.

I can also see this information and how long each study task has taken you. 

Each week I select 2 people studying any courses at and offer a 15 minute review of your progress and give some personalised guidance on how to make the most of your courses.

Badges - At The French Room you receive badges based on your level of social interaction in the community. The more social posts you lead, comment on and like, the more you are recognised. 

This is an exceptionally good way for you to develop your French social skills. It is a place where you can get familiar with having text conversations in French as you would in English. 

I won’t be correcting every text that is written but I can refer to them in your live classes and personal progress reviews and give you tips on how to improve and where meaning has been lost or confused. You can treat it like an ongoing French conversation in the way that you would if you were living in France!

Certificates - On the “Starting and Becoming Courses” and the “Mastering Courses” you will receive a certificate for completion of certain modules and the whole course.

Your certificate is shareable on LinkedIn and other social media.

The French Room Community

The French Room is a community across the world. We cross paths in live classes and other live zoom sessions and also through community chat.

You can chat with the whole French Room community, with your group of learners from your live classes and also with other learners studying the same online courses as you. Meeting really nice people in The French Room environment is something that is very highly valued by people learning here.


The French Room runs both a book and a film club. They are study opportunities but are a little more laid back than the classroom experience.

They typically run for 3 months at a time and study a book or a film. In that 3 months you will have access to learning materials and 3 live sessions. 

Clubs are open to all French Room levels from 2 - 6.

If you are unsure of your level please ask Ellie for a zoom evaluation session.

Motivation and encouragement

Learning as part of The French Room comes with a tonne of motivation and encouragement to stretch yourself, keep going and stick at it when it’s hard and celebrate the milestones as you pass them. This comes in the form of emails, social posts within the community and, of course, feedback in your live zoom sessions. To make the most of this, please opt in to emails and accept invites to be part of groups in the community.

Learn French. Feel Good.

Thank you for learning French at The French Room. The aim is always to “learn French and feel good”.

I hope you enjoy your learning experience here.

Ellie Louis (Owner The French Room)

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