French Pronunciation

French Pronunciation – IN/EN Sounds

How to pronounce IN/EN sounds in French? They are different sounds with a different mouth position. These sounds are known as nasal vowels because you push air through your nose when you pronounce them!

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French Connections Podcast

French Connections Podcasts

Podcast conversations with people learning with the French Room.

Why do we love France? Why are we learning the language? What’s the story behind the French Connection?

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How to speak french in a year

How to speak French in a year

My 3 tips on how to learn French in a year. The first hurdle is to get rid of a fear of making mistakes. Viewing your French as being about communication not an academic exam will make all the difference to your enjoyment.

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Mindfulness in language learning

Mindfulness in language learning

Are mindfulness and language learning connected? I believe that mindfulness and language learning are connected because they are both about being in the moment. Essentially,

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