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Join me in a live class to practise speaking French

People choose to come to a live class to get the learning, practice and validation that it is hard to get from Self-Study alone.

In a live class with me you get to take the plunge and speak French! You also meet new friends and enjoy the sociability of learning with others. And you can ask questions and have things explained that you haven't yet fully understood.

I have over 10,000+ hours of live teaching experience of the French language and in a recent survey my 96% of my students agreed that a live class gave them real speaking practice. 

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Class Prices and Payment Options

Completely flexible learning

Pay as You Go

Single Class
Complete Flexibility
£19.50 - Group 
£52.50 - Private 
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Book One Class at a Time

Class Pass

10 Classes
 Savings and Flexibility
£165 - Group  *£11/Hr
£500 - Private  *£50/Hr
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Pass Valid 12 Months
* price equivalent per hr with class pass

Annual Pass

30 Classes
Best Value Flexibilty
£445 - Group  *£9.88/hr
£1350 - Private  *£45/hr
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Pass Valid 12 Months
* price equivalent per hr with class pass

Frequently asked questions

Where do live classes take place?

All live French classes at The French Room take place on Zoom. You can join a class via Zoom on your computer, laptop, Ipad or phone. 

How often do I need to come? 

Our live classes are completely flexible. You can either buy one class at a time or buy a class pass and save. Either way, you can come to live class as often or as little as you please. You can even combine group classes with private classes.

What's the best way for me to make progress and become more confident speaking French? 

For best results come to live classes at least once a week and study with The French Room Self-Study Programme of Tutos between classes.

That way you have the best of both worlds! You can do self-study out of class on all the skills you need to speak French. And then, practise your speaking and build confidence in your live class. 
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