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£ 17.50
Single class
  • All Flexi French Classes
  • Beginner -Intermediate - Advanced
  • Works out at just £12 per hour
  • 90 minutes
  • Max 8 people in a class

Flexi French Class Pass

£ 150
10 Classes
  • Book 10 classes flexibly over 12 months
  • Save £25 off the pay as you go price
  • Works out at just £10 per hour
  • All Flexi French Classes at all levels
  • Max 8 people. 90 minutes


£ 20
Per Month
  • Access to Member Learning Resources
  • Access to 40 live tutorials per month
  • Free learning guidance
  • Free virtual events
  • Cancel Anytime


Pay as you Go

£ 42.50
  • Beginner -Intermediate - Advanced
  • Private one-to-one
  • Flexible timetable
  • Personally tailored

Private French Class Pass

£ 400
10 Classes
  • Book 10 classes flexibly over 12 months
  • Individual tuition
  • Save £25 off the pay as you go price
  • Arranged at time that suits you

Shared Class Pass

£ 500
10 Classes
  • Book 10 classes flexibly over 12 months
  • Popular with friends and couples
  • Save £25 off the pay as you go price
  • Arranged at a time that suits you

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Because we run classes for 10 hours a day, The French Room is the place for live online French classes wherever you live in the world.


Based on 18 reviews.
Margaret Eglon
Margaret Eglon
I have been taking weekly lessons with Ellie for the past six months and also did an intensive course with her at Barnstable and would like to recommend her as a great teacher. Her lessons are fun as well as being thorough, she extends your vocabulary while at the same time correcting and perfecting your speaking skills. Time slips by very quickly in her lessons, she brings fresh ideas and encourages maximum participation. She also uses very up-to-date French. Ellie’s intensive course was excellent, hard work, full on, but very rewarding. Combining desk work with activities in the local area she manages to keep the momentum going every minute of the day. The course starts with a list of objectives which provides a very useful focus. Practicing my French on the lovely beaches, villages and restaurants around Barnstable was an added bonus. I would recommend Ellie’s courses to anyone wishing to improve their French in a focused and fun way.
Hans Pelz
Hans Pelz
I'm now well into my second lot of '10-course-parcels' purchases at a discount and I can easily see myself as a life-time member of 'The French Room' - This does not mean that I cannot imagine myself ever progressing; not at all! In fact, I feel much more confident speaking French since first joining last October, after many years of dabbling in the language. The reason why a I am likely to be a life-time member is that the course is just so much fun. Ellie is one of the most gifted teachers I have ever come across. She has a deep knowledge of her subject with the ability to impart it well to her students, sprinkled with a goodly portion of humour. Thursday mornings have become one of the highlights of the week and I am confident that the other members of our friendly little group feel the same. Keep up the good work, Lillie!
Gemma Lewis
Gemma Lewis
This is exactly what I was looking for. Great teacher and I have found that learning with others has been really beneficial so far. I also think the courses are good value for money and I highly recommend.
Lisa McNamara
Lisa McNamara
A really enjoyable community of french speakers, with lots of opportunities to enjoy aspects of french culture in different ways, virtually and in real life. Ellie is a really engaging teacher and very adaptable to your way of learning and challenges you to get the most out of the classes.
Charles Robinson
Charles Robinson
My self and my wife decided to learn French after going on a few holidays. The idea was to be comfortable speaking, not only when in the restaurants or tourist areas but in general conversation as well. Ellie has tailored our lessons to our requirements and makes learning a pleasure, we are now able to talk to our French friends easily and with them understanding what we are saying without going to the translator apps! Thank you Ellie.
Joanna Pratt
Joanna Pratt
Ellie is an excellent affirming teacher. My husband and I have never felt discouraged. Our lessons in a group setting, now on zoom, are enjoyable. Now when we go to France people reply to us in French!
Seamusog Gallagher
Seamusog Gallagher
Learning French has been one of my big ambitions for such a long time. I have tried many different routes but for the first time feel that I am making real progress. As other reviewers have said, this is because Ellie makes lessons challenging but tailored and fun. Thanks The French Room!
Laura Skinner
Laura Skinner
Ellie has an amazing way of breaking down language in a way that it can be learned, retained and used in context. She has tailored our sessions to my needs and uses a variety of resources. Language can be very daunting at first but I see a clear path for progress. Ellie has the perfect balance of loveliness while keeping us focussed and is wonderfully encouraging. I imagine she has a rather large gin collection at home to help remedy the level of patience she has to have with me. I highly recommend The French Room (as it was to me).
Julie Fracik
Julie Fracik
I've been a part of the French Room since September. I was working as a trainee teacher with Ellie, and I couldn't thank her enough for offering this opportunity in teaching. We have good students who are devoted and we always try to have a good time learning French with activities, nice group and big smile. I'm sad to say I'm leaving this school and the amazing people who are a part of it. I'll always remember The French Room as a good environment to learn and to work in.
Mel Powell
Mel Powell
Classes with Ellie are challenging, varied and fun. She tailors her approach to the learning style of the individual, and I’m seeing real progress, particularly in my listening and speaking skills. Highly recommended.

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If you are at Level 1 you are a complete beginner or have had a big gap since you last learnt French and want to start afresh.


If you are at Level 2 you are off the blocks with your French and starting to get to grips with how the language works.


If you are at Level 3 you have mastered the basics of the language and you are now ready to start speaking more naturally.


Level 4 an accomplished French speaker and can handle most situations and want to sound a bit more French.


Level 5 you are a fluent French speaker and are looking for ways to keep up your French and explore the language.

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Student Survey results April 2022
Do you have enough opportunity to speak in your French class? ANSWER YES 100%
Do you have enough opportunity to listen in your French class? ANSWER YES 93%
Do you feel like your are covering enough grammar in your French class? ANSWER YES 93%

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