Learn French Online

All our French classes are now online until further notice

Following the latest Government advice on social contact we have closed our Bishop’s Stortford office and are now offering all classes online.

This includes groups as well as private classes.

How does it work?

We are using a video conferencing provider called Zoom for our classes.



You will receive a joining link for your class, which will take you to Zoom and the exact class that you have booked into.



When you first use Zoom you might want to allow some extra time to get used to switching on the sound and video camera on your device. 



You can join the class before the set time and wait for Ellie and any other participants to join the class if you wish.


Will it be the same as a face-to-face class?

Communicating online is not the same as in person for sure. However, language learning does work well online.


The French Room has set up a dedicated office space at home with all the books, resources, flipcharts, audio etc that we use in our face-to-face classes. So you won’t be missing out in any way on content or teaching methods.


There are some features of online learning that you may come to love. For example, you can save all the comments that are typed into the chat, which means you will have a ready made log of the class. There is also the option to record the whole class if you want to.


So, overall there is a difference in experience including some pretty useful stuff.

Tips for a great online class experience

Recommended Do's

Some Don'ts