The French Study - Learn French Tutos

Everyday you can come to a French Study tuto live and learn a little more French to make you a better speaker and conversationist! Every little bit of French study you do takes you closer to your goal! 

Sample playlist of Learn French Tutos

What is a tuto?

It’s a daily tutorial on all the French groundwork you need to do to be able to speak and understand the language.

When do they happen?

Monday to Friday twice a day. And at the end of each week I send you a playlist of that week’s tutos. Whether you watch live or on catch up it’s a quick and easy way to cover the essentials.


Lundi – Grammaire

Mardi – Prononciation

Mercredi – Vocabulaire

Jeudi – Compréhension Orale

Vendredi – Compréhension Ecrite

Why do them?

We all know little and often works in learning and French is no different. What an easy way to get your 15 minutes a day. And cover all the stuff you need to be a confident and competent French speaker!