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Who says I can't multi-task?

Learning French while cooking dinner doing the ironing taking the dog for a walk in my car in a café at my desk

15 minutes French a day

So Simple!

Your ticket to a complete French learning experience for just £20 per month

The French Room Membership
The French Room Membership
The French Room Membership

Frequently Asked Questions - 15 Minute Tutorials (Les Tutos)

Members can choose to do up to 35 grammar, pronunciation, vocab and listening 15 minute tutorials (les tutos) a month.


Why do them?
They are such a simple way to fit 15 minutes French into your day. And they cover all those things you’ve been meaning to get around to. 

How are they different from a French class?
Firstly, you don’t need to do anything. They are simply learning sessions so you can join them on mute and with your camera off, if you like. That means you can multi-task and watch them while doing the ironing, gardening, cooking etc or from anywhere your car, out on a walk, in your work lunchbreak…

Why won’t it let me book in?
Les tutos are bookable for members only. Once you are a member you can book onto any tuto you like. There are over 30 sessions available a month available across mornings, lunchtimes and evenings to make them as easy as possible to come to.

Do I still need my regular French class?
Your French class is a fully interactive session where you get to practice thinking on your feet, pulling all your French skills together while listening to and taking part in real live conversation. 

Also, there are lots of bigger topics in the French language that you’ll understand much better in the interactive learning environment of a class. 

Why don’t you record the tutos?
The tutos are live WIGIG sessions! WIGIG? When it’s gone it’s gone!