The French Room Language Levels


The French Room language levels are designed to help you see your progress in French.


Typically our students study at a level for 12 months. Of course, you can speed this up by taking extra classes or, if you prefer, take it easy. It's up to you.!


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the french room language levels

Level 1

This is the first step in learning French at The French Room and the first French Room language level. You're at this level from complete beginner through to being confident with the basic structure of the language. When you complete this level you will have had lots of pronunciation practice, be able to understand simple dialogues and hold a conversation on a familiar subject.

the french room language levels

Level 2

People who start at this level tend to have already studied French before. You will have a reasonable understanding of French grammar and vocabulary for the kind of situations that you might typically come across on a holiday, like ordering confidently in a restaurant. When you complete this level you will be confident flexing the language across the past, present and future, creating your own phrases and understanding and answering with very current conversational French.

The french room

Level 3

At this level you're starting to delve deeper into the French language and to build a rich vocabulary and use of the language fairly naturally in familiar situations. When you complete this level you'll be using idiomatic expressions with ease and speaking confidently on a much broader range of conversation topics. Your comprehension skills will take a big step forward so that you can understand French radio and TV programmes.

language level 4

Level 4

People who join at this level have usually lived in France or studied French at university. When you complete this level you'll have a rich understanding of French culture and be able to comfortably converse on a very broad range of subjects, be able to make jokes, give your opinion and generally come across very naturally in French.

Language level 5

Level 5

This level is for fluent speakers who are looking to explore the language in considerable depth.. Classes at this level delve into niggling grammar points, perfection of pronunciation and increasing knowledge of idiomatic language.