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I have been having lessons with Ellie for about 2 months before we leave for France in 6 weeks! I've learnt a lot without realising and she is a pleasure to be taught by. The lessons are fun! We always have a laugh!
Level 1 Beginner
I am having lessons with Ellie at The French Room using Skype and it is working really well. Skype enables Ellie to share documents and listening exercises during the lesson, in addition to what feels like face to face teaching. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn French but too far away to go to lessons or for Ellie to get to you.
Level 3 Intermediate
I was getting very despondent in my previous conversation group and feeling that I wasn't making any progress ...then I started going to The French Room where I discovered that learning French is actually FUN!! Their method of teaching is non-pressurised and lighthearted ...I am sure we learn better when we are relaxed. Through Ellie I have rediscovered my enthusiasm for learning and speaking French, my confidence is boosted and now I actually look forward to going every week.
Level 4 Advanced
From Tanya (5/5): Ellie is a great teacher; knowledgeable and supportive, making lessons both challenging and fun. I really look forward to my French lessons with Ellie. Would highly recommend.
Level 1 Beginner
I have been having lessons with Ellie for only a month but already feel more confident. I have learnt more in that time than I did during 2 years of evening classes! The sessions are interesting and you really feel you've actually progressed after each one. I have to be able to speak confidently in French by next summer and am actually now starting to think that, thanks to Ellie, I might just get there. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously interested in learning this language.
Level 4 Advanced
Not sure if my Facebook buddies know but I have been learning French, since February this year, as Mark and I would love to retire to the South of France, but I felt I needed to know the lingo. Mark learns as part of a small group and the lessons are dynamic and changed to suit his needs. I have been having one to one sessions with Ellie of The French Room. She offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, and learning French has been really enjoyable (not like school). Ellie allows me to go at whatever pace I’m comfortable with, and if needed repeats the topic over again or changes the way I learn the topic until its understood . If anyone is thinking of learning French, I would recommend The French Room 100% Vanessa
Level 1 Beginner
I had 1:1 weekly lessons with Ellie for six months, because I love French and I would like to use it in the future. She made the learning experience fun and interesting. Ellie uses a great range of materials to make the most of every lesson. She ensured the subjects for discussion were of particular interest to me, so the learning itself was a pleasure. This really was a tailor-made course at exceptional value. As a result of Ellie's encouragement, my confidence has developed. I'm now happy speaking with French people in conversation. I hope now to work towards the B2.
Level 4 Advanced
I cannot rate Ellie highly enough - she has made learning French fun. It is a totally different experience from learning French back at school - and I really look forward to my French lessons now and even do my homework! I was apprehensive about using Skype-having only used it once or twice before - but Ellie makes it so easy and this learning medium really works. Ellie uses a variety of different tools and methods in her tutoring, ones that help memorise verbs, grammar and vocabulary, and have given me some really useful hints and tips, so that learning the language is easy and fun. I now feel more confident in starting a new job for a French company at their UK office following Ellie's tuition. Highly recommended.
Level 2 Beginner
From Chloe (5/5): Fun and varied lessons! Ellie makes the lessons interactive and engaging. My French speaking and understanding of the language has improved in only 4 weeks. Ellie is a friendly, encouraging tutor and I would recommend highly to anyone.
Level 3 Intermediate
From Rachel (4/5): I have been having lessons with Ellie for several months now and always enjoy them - Ellie makes the lessons very interesting and fun, and she is good at tailoring the lessons to my learning needs
Level 5 Advanced
From Bel (5/5): Ellie is a great tutor! She is always keen, supportive and never makes you feel foolish when you get things wrong. I can't recommend Ellie highly enough
Level 1 Beginner
From June (5/5): I have now had 3 sessions with Ellie which have gone very well. I am embarking on the subjunctive and with her help learning some current vocabulary. Thank you
Level 5 Advanced
From Wunmi (5/5): I've been learning French from Ellie for around 3 months and I have definately had a great time with it . The lessons are flexible and have been great with improving my confidence with the French language
From Peter (5/5): Ellie creates an informative, positive and enjoyable learning environment – one that motivates. I have always found learning a second language to be anything but easy. However, in a very short period of time, Ellie’s guidance has given the clear direction I needed. Wonderful !