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Quizzes | Level 2

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1. Can you get gold in this quiz about 2 verbs together?


2. Have a go at guessing what’s in each of these food groups

3. Top tip "à / au / aux" for foods means flavoured with and "de" means made of and "avec" means a separate item

4. Check out how confortable you are remembering these useful frequency words

5. Record Yourself Saying The Phrases Below To Practice Your Pronunciation

  •  me faut un kilo de pommes de terre
  • Et avec ceci?
  • Ce sera tout?
  • Oui, c’est tout
  • Ca fait 12 Euros 55
  • Je voudrais “sweela” s’il vous plait!
  • Merci et bonne journée à vous aussi

BONUS: See How Much You Can Follow In This Video From TF1 13h. If You Watch It 3 Times I Guarantee You Will Understand It More On 3rd Listening!

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