5 Class Challenge 29th March 2019


What I can do at the end of the challenge

  • Follow French culture and traditions that place in Spring e.g seasonal activities such as festivals, holidays and seasonal foods (Tf1 13h)
  • Understand what’s going on around you in a shop, market and restaurant e.g rules about saying how is a food is made and it’s provenance and how to join in with the market day rituals, supermarket etiquette etc
  • Be able to ask for exact quantities and types of food at the market and counters in supermarkets and ask for recommendations
  • Learn 100 new words relating to food and drink
  • Express delight and disgust!
  • Join sentences together as “chunks” rather than as individual stand alone words
  • Express time naturally;  months, seasons, yesterday, earlier, later, next week

Key Competency – Communication in Conversation


  • Use up-to-date, conversational French so I can;
    • Check my own understanding;
    • check interlocutors’ understanding
  • I can use simple techniques to start, maintain and close conversations in shops, markets and restaurants
  • Use some  strategies to deal with language gaps:
    • signalling a gap
    • appealing to interlocutors for assistance
    • using non-linguistic means (e.g. pointing, drawing)
    • using an approximate synonym
    • guessing / coining a ‘new’ word from existing knowledge of words