The French Room Premium Level 2

The French Room Premium

Welcome to your 5 class challenge. Here's your opportunity to take your French to the next level. You can do this!

1. Take quiz activities for variety and practice. And these are all tailored to your 5 class challenge!
2. Class resources is where you'll find worksheets you've used in your classes
3. Student resources are learning ideas shared by other students. Feel free to submit yours.
4. Looking for something different? Check out your bonus material.
5. And finally, revision is always good. It stops us getting rusty!

10th May - 14th June 2019


By the end of your challenge
100 New words banked
  • Express delight and disgust!
  • Join sentences together as "chunks"/ "utterances" rather than individual standalone words
  • Express time naturally; months, seasons, yesterday, earlier, next week etc
  • Use "can" with ease in French. NB "Can" is the 2nd most used word in the English language!
  • Use "il faut" to mean must / have to / it's a good idea to. It's a very versatile construction in French. It's easy to use and makes you sound more French!

Language Skills

Start sounding more natural
IMPROVE YOUR FLOW BY USING "chunks" / "utterances"
Let the language flow
Don't think about individual words too much
Don't worry about mistakes
You can still be understood if you make mistakes!
Use the same formula and constructions over and over again in lots of different situations
The more you hear yourself saying them the more familiar they will feel
Think in French!
If you know what something means in French don't try to translate there's no need