Class Resources Level 1

Level 1 - 5 Class Challenge (2) Start date: 1st April 2019

10 things I can do at the end of The 5 Class Challenge

  • Able to talk about the future (verb aller + infinitive)
  • Describe things (nouns) with adjectives (physical and personality features). This is a great way round being able to keep a conversation going when you don’t know the exact word e.g a thingy
  • French words for “thing”, “things”, “thingybob” , “whatchamacallit!”
  • Can describe actions using adverbs made from adjectives
  • Know the difference between masculine and feminine job titlesem
  • Increase vocabulary by 100 more words
  • Be able to have a conversation talking about jobs and activities
  • Able to talk about likes and dislikes. Using Aimer, détester, adorer + nom/verb
  • Be able to guess the sounds for words that are similar to English and pronounce them in a French way so you can be understood e.g “important” / “important” are spelt the same but are pronounced very differently. This will also reduce your reliance in seeing things written down to understand them.
  • Describe a situation using vocabulary to get what you want or need help

Key Competency - Communication Identifying patterns and creating and guessing words

  • Can sound out an English word in a French way e.g “impossible”, “important”, téléphone”
  • Can pick out English words pronounced in a French way in a dialogue
  • Can spot patterns for making an educated guess at a word in French e.g turn an English verb into a French ER verb such as “téléphoner”
  • Can describe actions using adverbs made from adjectives

Adjectives worksheet

Describing people, places and things