5 Class Challenge – Level 1

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  • Bronze Up to 30% correct answers
  • Silver 30% - 60% correct answers
  • Gold 60%-100% correct answers

Bon courage!

  • 1. Try out the good old game of memory and see if you can match up the prepositions of place or in other words where things are (on/ in/under/ opposite etc)
  • 2. Try guessing and saying the answer out loud before revealing it by turning the card
  • 3. See how you do in this short vocab check
  • 4. Test out your knowledge of all the "ER" verbs going on in Busy Ville. See if you can hit gold!
  • 5. Listen to the recording of the vocab list for "The Introduction to La Famille Martinez" below, and try and copy the pronunciation of the words. You could also record yourself onto your phone and compare with the recording.

La Famile Martinez

Audio Le/la Text 1.

Created by Ellie Louis. Read by Julie Fracik


Reveal the answers to check what you have written down. How did you do?

Felicitations . 5 Star Challenge!

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