Level 2 French – 5 Class Challenge

By the end of this challenge
You'll be able to hold a conversation about the weather in French
You''ll be able to ask simple questions in French
And understand the answers!
And you'll sound more French
So more French people will answer you in French! Oh la la!

Level 2 French Class Challenge Starting 22nd February 2019

So what will I be able to do by the end of this challenge?

  • Use the weather as a conversation starter and a gap filler
  • Understand dialogues 2 minutes in length relating to familiar subjects
  • Talk about last week’s weather and what I did
  • Talk about what I’ll do next week depending on the weather
  • Differentiate sounds that are similar in a dialogue and connect them with my understanding of French pronunciation
  • Respond naturally with no hesitation or errors to simple questions

And here are some really useful language techniques you'll practise during the challenge

  • Ways of showing you understand or not and asking people to repeat something or slow down
  • Tips and tricks for adapting an English word to French
  • Conversation starters and gap fillers
  • And lots of other language learning tips to help you take a big step forward in your French

Simply book your usual class on the challenge start date