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WORTH £350 per month
£ 20 Monthly

Get your 15 minutes a day with access to live tutorials, exclusive catch up rights and inspiring learning resources

This programme works and you'll have fun doing it!

Did you know that if you were living in France you would likely hear the phrase “du coup” 72 times a day! 504 times a week and 2160 times a month! 


With that amount of repetition, it is pretty likely that you would feel comfortable around that word and be using it with ease in no time. Practise, practise, practise is the key.


But how much practice do you need? Studies show that with just 15 minutes of input a day you can make great strides towards your goal of speaking conversationally.


Which is why at The French Room I offer you at least 15 minutes of French a day, everyday.  This learning programme is worth £350 per month but you can buy it on subscription for just £20 per month!


And you can trial it for 14 days absolutely free. Get it now while this offer lasts!

It is a year now since I discovered ´The French Room’ through Google.
I have gradually joined in more classes and the 15 min ´Tuto’ sessions through the week keep me tuned into all aspects of the language.
Ellie is an extremely patient and encouraging coach, building on far more than the lessons, she develops compatible groups at a variety of levels and over the sessions one discovers new friends from far and wide. Week by week the language becomes a part of one’s everyday life. The flexibility and variety from grammar to cookery exceeds anything I could have imagined.
Thank you Ellie, I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my fluency in
‘The French Room’ next year. 

Google Review from Nikki

I’m now well into my second lot of ’10-course-parcels’ purchases at a discount and I can easily see myself as a life-time member of ‘The French Room’ – This does not mean that I cannot imagine myself ever progressing; not at all! In fact, I feel much more confident speaking French since first joining last October, after many years of dabbling in the language. The reason why a I am likely to be a life-time member is that the course is just so much fun. Ellie is one of the most gifted teachers I have ever come across. She has a deep knowledge of her subject with the ability to impart it well to her students, sprinkled with a goodly portion of humour. Thursday mornings have become one of the highlights of the week and I am confident that the other members of our friendly little group feel the same. Keep up the good work, Ellie.

Google Review from Hans.


french language method
Tuto Français = French Tutorial

The French Room Membership

£ 20
Per Month
  • Worth £350 per month
  • French Learning Programme
  • Daily Live Tutos
  • Free Learning Guidance
  • Cancel Anytime

Come to our daily live French tutos to learn French in just 15 minutes a day!



This is the most popular way to get your 15 minutes of French a day.


You have the freedom to join any live  French tuto. Create your own learning pattern. Come along daily or watch on catch up at a time that suits you.



And of course you can join on the go. Squeeze in a quick tuto whilst walking, looking after children, in between meetings at work……or catch up later with recordings.



Tutos are quick, focused and free as part of your membership!


Le Lundi

Le Mardi


Le Mercredi


Le Jeudi

Le Vendredi


learn french in 15 minutes a day
Se Ressourcer = Refresh yourself

For some people, the most valuable part of learning 15 minutes of French a day, is the careful selection of learning tips and resources you receive through the month.


And what’s really great is that means fresh inspiration will drop into your email inbox several times a week throughout the month.


What’s more the podcasts, articles and French exercises you get are linked to what you are doing in your tutos. 


So, you get all your fresh and exciting French resources all in one place.


It’s simple. It’s smart and it saves you time.


The third and final service you get included in your membership are invites to immersive virtual events.

This gives you the rare chance to try out your French in a real way all in a friendly, safe environment.

This is because, we give you opportunities to use your French in a real situations, for example following a cooking demo in French whilst actually cooking the dishes yourself!

Justinecookalong scaled

Virtual Event

Live cook along demo from Justine in Nantes, France

You cook the same simple French recipe with Justine. It's your chance to enjoy your French progress and get great practice 100% in French!

FAQs Member benefits


Why do them?
They are the simplest way learn french in just 15 minutes a day.. And they cover all those things you’ve been meaning to get around to. 

How are they different from a regular French Room class?
The big difference is you don’t need to do anything. They are simply learning sessions so you can join them on mute and with your camera off, if you like. That means you can multi-task and watch them while doing the ironing, gardening, cooking etc or from anywhere your car, out on a walk, in your work lunchbreak…


Your regular classes, on the other hand, are your opportunity to focus on you speaking. So, camera on, mic on and lots of participation!

Do I still need my regular French class?
Your French class is a fully interactive session where you get to practice thinking on your feet, pulling all your French skills together while listening to and taking part in real live conversation.


Think of your tutos as input and your classes as output or production. Your class is where you get to speak and put it all into action. 


There are also lots of bigger topics in the French language that you’ll understand much better in the interactive learning environment of a class. 

Absolutely! They are designed to compliment each other. 


Why don’t you record the tutos?
The tutos are live WIGIG sessions! WIGIG? When it’s gone it’s gone!


Yes. You can opt out of receiving emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button on any email.

BOOKING and Cancelling

Why won’t it let me book in?
Les tutos are bookable for members only. Once you are a member you can book onto any tuto you like. There are up to 40 sessions available a month available across mornings, lunchtimes and evenings to make them as easy as possible to come to.

How do I get membership?
Sign up for 15 minutes of French a day here

 You can cancel your membership at any time by emailing me at

Your subscription will be cancelled with immediate effect and you will be able to use your membership up until the point paid.


Your Flexi French pass is used for French Room classes. These are fully interactive sessions and limited to 8 people. They are typically between 1 and 1.5 hours long. This is where you get to speak, ask questions and get to know your fellow class mates better.


Your membership gives you access to tutos, resources and events. The tutos are tune in events where you listen to a learning point for 15 minutes and then get on with your day.

You can choose to buy both or neither and simply use the pay as you go options available when booking.

Pay as you go is only available for regular French Room classes and not for tutos.

So Simple!

Become a French Room member for just £20 per month

and get access to all these benefits!

Learn French. Feel Good