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Resources - S9/E3/ 1h23 - 1h36


  1. What do you think Francois- Xavier was saying in his head (In French) by the look he gave after Les Nordistes sang “C’est le nord qui va gagner!”
  2. What is the challenge?
  3. What are the credentials of the new specialist judge? (Christophe)
  4. Why is he neutral?
  5. What is he looking for in their bakes?
  6. Which 3 bakes are “trompe l’oeil” (Trick the eye) because they have replaced savoury with sweet?
  7. Which 3 football teams are named?
  8. What did Christophe say about the colour blue?
  9. Who is using their great grandmother’s recipe? (Maxime/ Anaïs/ Edouard?)
  10. What was special about the Italian meringue for Francois?
  11. What does “Tu tires ou tu pointes” mean in Petanque?
French Pronunciation

French Pronunciation – IN/EN Sounds

How to pronounce IN/EN sounds in French? They are different sounds with a different mouth position. These sounds are known as nasal vowels because you push air through your nose when you pronounce them!

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French Connections Podcast

French Connections Podcasts

Podcast conversations with people learning with the French Room.

Why do we love France? Why are we learning the language? What’s the story behind the French Connection?

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