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The French Connections Podcast

The French Connections podcasts are short conversations with people who are learning French at The French Room.

It’s an opportunity to hear the fascinating journeys that have brought people to learn the language, live and work, go on holiday or even buy second homes there. 

Why this language? Why this country? And what can we learn from their stories?

This podcast is intended to be easy listening for anyone who is curious about why and how others have decided that they need a French dimension to their lives.

More conversations coming soon

How long should I study French a day?

Episode 4 - A conversation with Steve about music and learning French.

There are perhaps more parallels than you might imagine between the 2 worlds.

Episode 3 - A chat in French with Thibault where I find out how he came to own 20,000 books!

A fascinating story of a love of books and wine.

Episode 2 - Gemma sold up and moved to France to open her Gite.

It takes some guts to up sticks with a young family and move to another country. This is a great story of feel the fear and do it anyway!

Episode 1 - Lisa talks about living and working in Lyon.

I love Lisa’s “all in” attitude. Sometimes all you need is a bit of bravado and Lisa has it in bucket loads!

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