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The French Room Free French Level Test

Take our free French level test to find out your skill level in French. We teach beginners through to fluent speakers so whatever your level we have a class for you.



If you are at Level 1 you are a complete beginner or have had a big gap since you’ve learnt French.

When you complete this level you will have had lots of pronunciation practice, be able to understand simple dialogues and hold a conversation on a familiar subject.

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If you are at Level 2 you are off the blocks with your French and starting to get to grips with how the language works.
Level 2 is where you practise, repeat and apply all the basics of the language including fundamental grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation so that you can begin to feel more confident using these tools communicating in French.

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If you are at Level 3 you have mastered the basics of the language and you are now ready to start learning more about the ins and outs of French so that you can have a broader range of conversations that feel a little more natural.

Level 3 opens up the language and covers more sophisticated grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation so that you can feel more relaxed and confident when you are having a conversation.

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If you are at Level 4 you are an accomplished French speaker and can handle most situations in French but would like to be able to sound a little bit more French when you speak and to add in a bit more finesse to your choice of language.

Level 4 involves lots of off the cuff conversation, an introduction to different ways of using the language with different audiences, and will guide you towards thinking more naturally in French rather than relying on translation.

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If you are at Level 5 you are a fluent French speaker and are looking for ways to keep your French up whilst looking more deeply into the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the language.

Level 5 speakers can choose either to just enjoy French conversation or study advanced grammar and language idiosyncrasities.

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