Ellie Louis - Owner The French Room (established 2015)

Ellie Louis - owner The French Room

A bit about me and The French Room

In 2015 I finally took the plunge and advertised my French classes for adults.

My first student, Andy, signed up for a whole course of classes at our first meeting. I was over the moon! And that is simply how The French Room started and I became a full-time French teacher, coach and friend to my students.


Now in my 8th year of The French Room I can say that I have taught nearly 1000 people all around the world!


I believe learning by doing is essential, so my approach is all about practise based training as opposed to a purely academic approach. Afterall we are talking about a means of communication here. It’s not a purely academic exercise!


But don’t get me wrong, I’ll also teach you grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and all the skills you need to speak this wonderful language. But behind everything I do lies the overriding principle that our aim is to speak and understand French. Speak in real conversations in France, Canada or any other place where you want to use your live language skills.


I am a non-native fluent speaker. I think that means that I know how it feels to learn this language. I get the frustrations, difficulties understanding and remembering stuff. I’ve been through the process myself!


And, having taught a lot of people now, I can anticipate where you might make a mistake or find a concept difficult to process. I use all sorts of techniques to explain things in terms you can understand and bring a little of fun and humour to the journey. Afterall, my aim is for you to learn French and have fun!