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No parler français!

When I set off to France, in 1991, to start a new job in Lyon, I was pretty confident that I had enough French to get by. It didn’t take me long to realise though, that I didn’t understand anything that was going on around me and that I couldn’t […]

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A review of the top 10 ways to learn French in 2018

Learn French

Discover the best ways to learn French in 2018. In this review, of the top 10 ways to learn French, you’ll find out what each French learning method is best for, whether it’s fun and effective and how our students rate it overall. This is based on a roundup of […]

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Masculine or feminine in French? How can you remember which one to use?

masculine feminine french

Masculine or Feminine? La table!, Le verre!, L’hôtel!, Une maison!, Un jardin! One of the hardest things for a native English speaker learning French, is remembering when to use the masculine “le” or “un” or the feminine “la” or “une”. Even very advanced speakers of French have this problem, if […]

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How to avoid speaking English in France

Speak French in France

Has this ever happened to you in France? You want to speak French but somehow you end up speaking English. You are ordering “un café”, “un croissant” or checking into your hotel and before you’ve got past the “bon” of your friendly greeting you’ve been trumped and the conversation has […]

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