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Ellie Louis - Owner of The French Room

I started The French Room back in 2015 by tutoring at people's houses and online over Skype. This followed several years of teaching an evening class at a local secondary school. Over the last 5 years it has been wonderful to see the community of The French Room students grow to over 100 people, all of us with a shared love and passion for the French language and all things French !

In 2016 we moved into a co-working area and people started coming to us for classes. In March 2020 we moved into a new dedicated space in a beautiful old monastery in Bishop's Stortford. 2 weeks later we had to close it as the whole world went into lock down.

So, we have now opened all our classes up online using Zoom. Wherever you are in the world we would love to welcome you to join us. There's plenty of space for everyone.

Get to know The French Room

A vibrant language school, teaching French to adults

We believe learning a language is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things you could do. And our aim is to give you the confidence to speak and have conversations with ease. 


With this in mind, your language classes are very much focused on real conversation and communication. Our classes are less about rigid repetition and more about enabling you to speak confidently, and giving you the opportunity to really explore and understand the language you are learning.

Our Ethos and Methodology

Comfort and Confidence

We make you comfortable so you can learn with confidence whilst also guiding you to take confident steps to expand your comfort zone.

We can all learn a huge amount by ourselves by watching YouTube videos, reading books and doing online self-teach courses.

So, your French tutor needs to bring you something additional and valuable that you can use to supplement your own learning.

Two important areas where we do this are in comfort and confidence.

Creativity and Variety

Language is varied and gives enormous scope for creativity. Conversation is unpredictable and imperfect.

We don't believe that formulaic learning works when you are communicating in another language.

That's why we teach you how to create with the language and introduce as much variety as possible. Not only to keep your interest keen but also to give you as wide an experience as possible.

Giving you the freedom to use your French whatever the situation.

Explanation and Experimentation

We give you as many opportunities to experiment as we give you explanantions.

If you understand the rules, patterns and exceptions you will quickly be able to read French and grasp the meaning.

But to communicate you need to produce the language and understand it when it is spoken imperfectly, colloquially and officially.

That's why we get you practising and trying out what we have explained.

Maybe how you say a word in your head is not how it sounds out loud! Maybe finding your words in a conversation makes your brain freeze? Or listening to French bears no resemblance to the written word?

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A taster of The French Room before lockdown

Ellie Louis - Profile

Teaching French to adults

I have been speaking French for over 30 years now, and I lived in France for three years, working as an English teacher. I then went on to work for a French humanitarian organisation for a year. I have used my French skills throughout my career, firstly buying Crystal D’Arques glasses and later, as a wine buyer for Tesco. and then as a project manager for a Swiss agrochemical company. I married a Frenchman and I have a French family. With 10 years’ experience of teaching French to adults, I can improve your speaking and comprehension skills, no matter what stage you’re at. I teach complete beginners through to fluent speakers wanting to keep their French up.