About us

The French Room is a vibrant language school, teaching French to adults.


We believe learning a language is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things you could do. And our aim is to give you the confidence to speak and have conversations with ease. 


With this in mind, your language classes are very much focused on real conversation and communication. As such, our classes are less about rigid repetition and more about enabling you to speak confidently, and to really understand the language you are learning.

Language Classes

Private classes are one-to-one with a tutor and typically last 1 hour. These are completely tailored to your personal objectives.

Private shared classes are a way for you to set up your own personal class of 2 to 6 learners. It’s fun buddying up with your friends and family and is great for motivation,

Group classes are open groups that are available for anyone to book. The classes are tailored to the group level, objectives and learning preferences.

5 Star Reviews


Ellie - Teaching French

I have been speaking French for 30 years now, and I lived in France for three years, working as an English teacher. I then went on to work for a French humanitarian organisation for a year. I have used my French skills throughout my career, firstly buying Crystal D’Arques glasses and later, as a wine buyer for Tesco. and then as a project manager for a Swiss agrochemical company. I married a Frenchman and I have a French family. With 8 years’ experience of teaching French as a foreign language, I can improve your speaking and comprehension skills, no matter what stage you’re at. I teach complete beginners through to fluent speakers wanting to keep their French up.