Wabi – Sabi an imperfectly, beautiful way to approach language learning

Best way to learn French

What is the best way to learn French?

Ask this question of 10 different people and you would likely be advised in 10 different ways. And that is a good thing.


Part of what makes language learning such a pleasure is that it’s an endeavour. It’s not a straight line from A to B to C.


It’s a path that is best travelled in zigzags moving from grammar point to grammar point onto pronunciation and then over to vocab and then a loop back to listening and so on.


No -one has ever found a magic formula for the best way to learn French, or any other language for that matter. Not even Duolingo, who have more data on the subject of language learning than anyone else.

Have you heard of Wabi-Sabi?

It is a Japanese philosophy that accepts transience and imperfection, appreciatng beauty that is imperfect, impermenant and incomplete.


It strikes me that conversation, spoken unplanned exchange, between people is by its very “live” and “in the moment” nature always imperfect.

And recognising this when we learn a second language makes the whole process more artful and enjoyable.

If everything in nature is always changing then nothing can ever be absolutely complete. And since perfection is a state of completeness nothing can be perfect.